Start without deposit ?

Make money with Kintech

without deposit, why not ?

Step 2 : Create affiliate link

Navigate to Investments > Traders affiliate programs

Type 33133363 to input Account then click plus button

Chose your account for payout then click Save button

Click Yes button to create affiliate link

Step 3 : Get affiliate link

Form current page. Click to Stick button to get your affiliate link.

Copy your affiliate link and use that link to invite your clients (client from your site, your youtube channel, your instagram, your facebook…). When Kintech close all orders, if your clients get profit, you will get 20% profit from Kintech.
Eg: If client get 100$ profit, Kintech will get 30% profit from them = 30% * 100 = 30$, and you will get 20% from Kintech = 20% * 30$ = 6$. More client your have, more money you get without deposit